Arkansas Piano Warehouse

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Streamlined Piano Consignment & Sales

Trust the dedicated professionals at Arkansas Piano Warehouse in Rogers, Arkansas, to make piano consignment and sales a simple process. We keep the process simple, and ensure that you understand everything that's going on.


Piano Consignment & Sales Process

Before we pick up your piano, we agree on a price. Once we have an agreement, we pick up your piano, fix any problems, and display it in our store. Upon sale, we deliver the piano to the buyer and provide a warranty. Once your piano is sold, we pay you the agreed-upon price and keep the difference as the fee for our work restoring and selling it.

Get the Money You Deserve

We use advanced marketing in-store and on our website to ensure you get the most money for your piano. Instead of selling it yourself to a limited audience, our efforts expose your instrument to more potential buyers, many who are willing to pay more than the limited audience you could reach. This ensures that you make more money from the sale and that, in most cases, the piano sells faster. We have relationships with piano teachers, schools, and churches that are always searching for new pianos.

A Home for Every Piano

Arkansas Piano Warehouse works with every piano type available. It doesn't matter what condition your piano is in, as long as it can be restored. We are proud to help our customers, and we love working with pianos from all over. We are happy to help you sell any piano you may have, including:

• Spinets
• Consoles
• Studios
• Digital Pianos
• Grands
• Baby Grands
• Upright Grands
• Digital Grand Pianos
• Keyboards
• Player Pianos & Organs
• Old Antique Square Grands
Brown Piano
Black Piano
Red Wood Piano